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About Marcowagon

At Marcowagon, We are proud to be one of the most dynamic lifestyle powerhouses that is redefining the Cross border E-commerce fashion industry in India & Globally. With a dynamic portfolio of over 20+ leading global brands, an in-depth understanding of the Online retail environment & associate offices in Turkey, GCC, UK, Italy, China & Malaysia, Marcowagon is the most preferred partner for international brands looking to foray into India’s & Global E-commerce landscape.


Why Marcowagon?


Strong Logistics

Supply products anywhere in the world with widespread logistics network


Global Network

Explore new markets throughout the world, with our network of associates.


Extensive Experience

Leverage our more than 7 years’ experience in online fashion retail industry.


Niche Clientele

Establish your brand and E-commerce portal amongst the best in the industry.

Our Testimonial

Key advantage of working with Marcowagon Retail all these years has been its dynamic nature towards ever changing business environment of fashion. Marcowagon has been upgrading itself, its brand portfolio and operational models to suit the buyers need. The unparalleled knowledge of global sourcing is their biggest strength.

Prateek Anand

Global sourcing Head,

The Marco Wagon team ably led by Zenil has been quickly able to establish a foothold in the GCC online market as a trust worthy and able partner. They are quick to grasp the cultural issues and find solutions to bottlenecks sensitively. In just a few months , inspite of the Covid 19 situation they were able to deliver products into various warehouse in the GCC region including Saudi Arabia.  Speaks volumes for their grit and tenacity to make business happen.”

Nicola Monti

Co – Founder PeaksConsulting. , UAE

Bringing the global fashion closer I am thrilled to be a part of the ever changing game in global commerce with MarcoWagon.Global business never sleeps and MarcoWagon adapts to this with its young and talented team and great culture.Bringing the global fashion closer I am thrilled to be a part of the ever changing game in global commerce with MarcoWagon.

Cem Tunakan

Global Sourcing Head , Turkey

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