Introducing SAM: Marcowagon’s Sourcing Revolution

Launching SAM (Sassy As Me), a bold new brand for women, brought to life through the partnership of Marcowagon and Reliance Retail, India’s leading retail powerhouse. Now available on Ajio, SAM is more than just a brand—it is a powerful statement of self-assurance and individuality, designed for women who radiate confidence in their identity.The partnership between Marcowagon and Reliance Retail ushered SAM onto Ajio, a significant milestone that solidified Marcowagon’s standing as the exclusive supplier of this distinct private label. This collaboration underscores commitment to innovation and enduring dedication to remaining at the forefront of fashion trends.


SAM has swiftly risen to prominence as a dominant force in the realm of private fast fashion, setting unparalleled standards of elegance, trendiness, and beauty. Behind the scenes, Marcowagon boasts a dedicated team entrusted with the curation of SAM’s collections. Through meticulous theme and mood board selection every quarter, the team ensures that each garment resonates with freshness, captivation, and alignment with the latest trends.From conceptualization to the final selection, Marcowagon’s involvement remains integral to SAM’s meteoric success.

At Marcowagon, we recognize the significance of sourcing high-quality materials and designs to ensure the delivery of both quality and style. Inspired by the successes of global fast fashion industry leaders such as Shein and Zara in India, we’ve strategically curated our materials and designs from renowned fashion hubs like Europe and Turkey.

Shein and Zara have garnered praise for their extensive variety and trend-setting collections. Regular consumers of Shein particularly appreciate its vibrant and trendy offerings, including its diverse range of affordable yet stylish accessories. The ability of these brands to swiftly produce new designs daily aligns perfectly with the preferences of fast fashion consumers. This understanding of consumer dynamics has been instrumental in guiding Marcowagon’s sourcing strategy for SAM. We want to break in this area, offer global sourced designs to the Indian market.

In essence, Marcowagon’s sourcing approach is driven by a commitment to providing customers with the latest trends and superior quality, akin to the offerings of industry frontrunners like Shein and Zara.

In a testament to the commitment to inclusivity, Marcowagon extends a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) for private label, starting as low as 50 pieces per month. This inclusive approach allows businesses of all scales to partake in the SAM experience, thereby affirming their dedication to style and individuality.