LC Waikiki: A Prominent Turkish Brand Gains Momentum in the Indian Market

LC Waikiki, the renowned Turkish brand, is making significant strides in the Indian market with its expanded presence on Myntra. Known for its quality clothing and trendsetting designs, LC Waikiki has launched over almost 500 new options in men’s fashion on Myntra, catering to the diverse style preferences of Indian consumers.

One of the key contributors to LC Waikiki’s success is strengthening its men’s wear portfolio on Myntra with the help of Marcowagon. With their expertise and understanding of the Indian fashion landscape, Marcowagon has played a pivotal role in curating a summer-oriented collection that encompasses a wide range of stylish t-shirts and prints.

The LC Waikiki brand is renowned worldwide for its commitment to providing high-quality apparel at affordable prices. By expanding its offerings on Myntra, LC Waikiki aims to cater to the evolving fashion needs of Indian consumers while maintaining its reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and value.

LC Waikiki’s Xside collection is specifically targeted at the younger consumer segment. This cool and contemporary collection features trendy designs, vibrant colors, and an array of fashion-forward options, ensuring that the younger generation can express their individual style with confidence. One can expect shorts, denim, shirts and t-shirts to trousers in the men’s collection.

As LC Waikiki continues to gain momentum in the Indian market, fashion-forward consumers can expect an ever-expanding range of options that combine style, quality, and affordability.

LC Waikiki’s ambitious plans for expansion in India signify a bold step towards transforming the fashion retail-digital landscape. Marcowagon is also planning to introduce over 1000 new styles in the women’s category on Myntra in the near future to further diversify the category.

Moreover, the company also has plans to leverage social media platforms like Instagram for brand promotion through collaborations and celeb edits to create a buzz around the brand, ensuring maximum visibility and customer engagement.

With the support of Marcowagon’s digital-first strategy, LC Waikiki is well-positioned to strengthen its presence in India. By embracing a digital approach, LC Waikiki can reach a wider audience, deliver a seamless shopping experience, and establish itself as a go-to fashion brand in the Indian market.