About Marcowagon

Marcowagon Retail Pvt. Ltd. began its journey in the online fashion retail industry back in 2013, in India. Since then, Marcowagon has been serving more than 1.5 Mn customers across 300 POS every day. In last 7 years, Marcowagon has become a strong connecting link between the fashion brands and their customers. Today, Marcowagon is working with the top fashion E-commerce websites and also showrooms, all over the globe.

Marcowagon has its own warehouse facilities located in India – at Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. Also, Marcowagon has consolidation centres & associate company offices located in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey, Philippines, China, and USA. With its strong international distribution and marketing capabilities, Marcowagon has launched numerous international brands in India and also gave Indian brands access to international markets.

Our Mission
Creating a global network of fashion brands and online/ offline fashion retail outlets
Our Passion
Making the finest fashion products available to the fashion enthusiasts across the globe
Our Achievement
50% YoY growth in sales with more than 1.5 Mn daily customers on more than 300 POS
Our Companies
Yolo Global & ModaTech E-commerce are sister concerns of Marcowagon Retail Pvt. Ltd.